Dear Friends of the Fish Box Derby,

September 17, 2017 will mark the twenty-fourth year of the Fish Box Derby’s return to the streets of Gloucester. A Cape Ann tradition in the 1950’s, the race has been updated to provide new opportunities for fun and family participation. If you were able to attend last year, you know how much fun the 34 entrants had and how exciting the race was for the hundreds of spectators.

There is no entry fee for the kids. People who purchase advertising space on the bales of hay lining the racecourse on Rogers Street contribute most of the cost of holding the race. Wouldn’t you be proud to have your company’s name prominently displayed with the scores of other civic-minded underwriters of the event? With your help, the committee can significantly increase the money raised last year toward two yearly $1,000 college scholarships available to all eligible participants.

Would you support this Gloucester tradition? Please fill out the Donation Form and mail to the address below or fax to 978-283-2938, or call Greg at 978-283-1932 to let us know you want to keep the “Thrill of the Hill” available to the kids of Cape Ann.

Thank you in advance for your support,

The Fish Box Derby Committee